From the Desk of Dan Frei

From the desk of Dan Frei

Greetings and welcome to the website of the Madison Professional Police Officers Association (MPPOA).

As President of the MPPOA I consider it a privilege to represent the officers, investigators, detectives, and sergeants of the Madison Police Department. The MPPOA consists of an elected board of directors. There are 10 members of the board, 9 of whom are elected to a 3-year term (3 members are up for re-election each year), and 1 member who serves a one-year term. The MPPOA is a proud member of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. The MPPOA maintains and funds a political action committee and works with the WPPA PAC on a State and local level to facilitate change and advocate for Law Enforcement related legislation.

My goals as President are to continue to advocate for proper staffing levels, safe working conditions, fair pay and benefits, and fair treatment for all of our members who serve the City of Madison. I also want to continue to work towards greater unity within our union. In order to continue to provide the City of Madison with the quality professional police service we are known for, we must stand together to advocate for those goals stated above.

Our profession is an honorable one, filled with great challenges and rewards. It is more than just a profession it is a calling. It has to be more than just a job in order to be willing to lay your life on the line to help and protect others. I believe our primary duty as members of this union and this family of Law Enforcement is to make sure that we are there for each other, both in times of need and in good times.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the MPPOA’s Web site, please feel free to contact me:

Madison Professional Police Officers Association
P.O. Box 1188
Madison, WI 53701

Dan Frei