Madison Professional Police Officers Association

The Madison Professional Police Officers Association (MPPOA) represents approximately 500 law enforcement professionals who serve the city of Madison as either police officers, detectives, investigators or sergeants.

The organization was originally formed on July 26, 1927 as the Policemen’s Protective Association (PPA) of the City of Madison.  The original charter was formed to protect and defend its members from any civil or criminal actions arising from any official acts.  The PPA also provided sickness and death benefits to its members.  In 1932, the PPA became Local #1 of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. The organization’s name was again changed in 1962 to the Madison Professional Policemen’s Association.  In 1981, with a growing of number of female members, the union adopted its current title.  

It is the goal of the MPPOA’s Board of Directors to improve the working conditions for officers in the field.  As law enforcement becomes an increasingly complex occupation, the MPPOA has advocated for additional training and better equipment for the men and women who serve our great city.  The MPPOA board is also a firm believer in a fair, objective, and merit oriented promotional process.  We believe that the taxpayers and residents of the city of Madison deserve highly qualified, diverse, and well educated detectives, sergeants, and investigators.

To improve upon Madison’s already special quality-of-life, the MPPOA has contributed to several non-profit organizations, including Special Olympics, Capitol K-9, Safe Harbor, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Boys and Girls Club, the Safety Patrol, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Armyvarious Madison neighborhood associations, as well as many other viable and worthwhile organizations.  By giving back to the community we serve, MPPOA members are making Madison a better place to live, work and recreate.